Bill Maher Is Wrong on Immigration - Again

By Mario

Bill Maher once again spent real time on Real Time preaching that Democrats need to shift away from their support of Latino/a immigrants. The HBO media opinion leader said Friday that Dems need to be tougher on immigration "like Obama was" in order to have a chance to win the Presidential election.

Never has there been a better example of why the lack of real reporting on Latino politics by cable and broadcast media damages American politics.

While the data of who voted in the 2018 elections has barely solidified and become readily available the general tenor of what occurred anywhere Latinos live in significant numbers has been clear to anyone that has bothered to look. Latino/a's voters turned out in mass and provided a significant and critical lift to Democratic congressional candidates in at LEAST the critical states of California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

While Latino/a's have continued to increase their voter participation over the last decade their huge 2018 midterm turnout was critical to the Democratic wave. If Latinos had not voted in record numbers last year at least five house seats in CA would not have flipped from Red to Blue, state House seats in Texas would remain in GOP hands and that is not to even mention Latino contributions in Arizona and Florida.

While the media, including Maher, gleefully reported about the loss of GOP support in the suburbs they failed to detail why many of those suburbs moved away from the party of child caging. The biggest problem that California Republicans had in their now lost stronghold of suburban Orange County was the big brown wave.

While most Democratic candidates focused on healthcare issues, voters could not ignore the President's border threats during the last eight weeks of the campaign cycle. The Commander in Chief attempted to salvage the GOP House majority by warning that caravans of MS 13 killers were "invading" our country. The Democratic candidates did not take the bait, but most found ways to decry the President's angry bombastic nativism to Latinos voters. Most significantly grassroots organizers were able to utilize the President's family separation actions to spur massive Latino turnout.

Latino leaders have become used to having their electoral contributions ignored by the mainstream press. The idea has been that seeking press was not as important as creating results. In the now fully established era of 24/7 news and information, a humble approach to politics is dangerous and counterproductive.

Latino/a's are a significant part of the center-left coalition that can save this country. Bill Maher and his colleagues must base their analysis on facts and political science not on the myth's that they are currently adhering to and Latino/a leaders should demand that they do.


Mario Wire