Breaking: Biden is Running - (Why Weren't You Already Told?)

By Mario

First of all, Joe Biden is running for President! I guess this is "breaking news" but it is not new news at all. The former VP's decision was made weeks ago and the reason the mainstream media is wondering about it contains a warning about what you as a political information consumer need to be concerned about.

The real information on Biden's decision has been known to Latinx activists and operatives for at least ten days. The open secret was embedded in a pair of very public announcements. The first announcement was that Latino leader Alex Cristobal had left his prestigious post as the head of the Latino Victory Fund and the second announcement informed the world that Alex, a seasoned strategist, had been hired by Biden. For those that know who Mr. Alex is and understand the importance of the Latino Victory Fund one plus one equals two.

While the information about Biden's decision has been readily available the mainstream media's lack of coverage and knowledge base about the now massively effective, incredibly complex, and increasingly sophisticated Latino mobilization network has rendered a story old on arrival. Only Fox News, the Hill, Politico, and Breitbart seemed to have sparingly covered the Biden campaign's illustrious hire. The Hill covered Alex's moves in brief piece in it's "Home News" section. The news sites briefly speculated that it was an "indication" of Biden's intentions. However, Latinx operatives knew, without a doubt, exactly what it meant.

The concern you should have as a voter is that with the enormous impact that Latinx's will have on the upcoming election (as evidenced by the last election and arguably the one before that) the cable and media networks lack of coverage about the emerged voting block is hampering your understanding of what is occurring in the now very alive 2020 election cycle.

Latinx activists have been trying to tell America that it is missing a huge story by not including Latinx voices. Early indications are that it is news consumers and most importantly, voters that will pay the price for the mainstream media's continued brown-out. Remember: you heard it here first.


Mario Wire