Bullet Points: Back to Work Edition

By Mario Solis Marich


The holiday season is over and it’s time to take down that tree, put on the new shirt or blouse you did not find time to return, and get back to the grind. The first week back is the hardest and we remind ourselves that the next three day weekend is just around the corner. Here is what happened when we got back to work :

Commuter Traffic Wreck: The new Congress crashed as it was just entering the commuter on-ramp by attempting to gut the power of the official ethics watchdog (because apparently it investigates them when they do naughty things). The public outcry was immediate and the GOP blinked. The lesson : Apparently the GOP is not as confident about their public standing as their swagger implies.

Grouchy Boss: While most of us are greeting each other after our time away big boss Obama is reluctantly packing his office up and taking a few shots on his way out. Expelling Russian diplomats, leaving monumental gifts to enviros,blocking oil barons , and rallying congressional Democrats are all signs of a reluctant retiree. The new boss must be worried about all that free time the old boss is soon to have.

Coffee Klatch: A group of NAACP leaders decided to get back to work immediately by meeting and taking over the office of Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions. The group said that they are opposed to the Sessions because he is one of the “worst possible nominees” for Attorney General. The President-elect did not tweet about the protest but in the past he has said “the blacks love me”


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