CNN's Crocodile Tears

By Mario Solis Marich


If you're Latino please note that the sharp pain you feel in your back is the knife provided by CNN last night during it’s “analysis” of the Trump speech.

After watching the speech in which the current resident of the White House informed the public that he is establishing a government bureaucracy the mission of which is the stigmatization of immigrants CNN hosts chose instead to focus on the issue of how polite and pleasant the Persecutor-in-Chief was. This served as clear notice to Latinos that when our families are being scapegoated and ultimately hauled off CNN will make sure that we are being treated politely during the transport.

The evening’s highlight was when a almost teary-eyed Van Jones remarked that Trump “tonight became the President of the United States”. One has to wonder how moved Van would have been when Eisenhower announced the now infamous “Operation Wetback”.

The almost tears of Van Jones notwithstanding it is important to point out that while the CNN pundits sat comfortably behind a glamorously lit desk thousands of children of undocumented immigrants shed real tears as they were tucked into bed by social workers, detention facility guards, and in some cases total strangers.

The inability of CNN to faithfully address the issues concerning America's largest minority group, Latinos, is far from new. It took a number of grassroots groups. national organizations, and major corporations to get the “most trusted name in news” to remove it's evening nativist hour that was called the "Lou Dobbs Show".

Apparently CNN has not learned its lesson. There was no greater “Breaking News” last night from any objective opinion than that the President of the United States of America is about to go beyond creating a Muslim registry and begin the bureaucratic work of creating a Mexican one. While we were all impressed that Trump could get through a speech with a minimum level of eloquence it should have not been enough to shelve the real news.

The Latino community went from being a CNN target to now being a victim of it's neglect. While there are occasional Latino pundits on the channel any objective look at the coverage of the stories that impacted Latinos historically, the stories that impacted Latinos during the presidential race or the stories that impact Latinos that began last night will clearly show that Latinos are being grossly underserved by CNN.

If Trump had announced a bureaucracy last night that impacted any other ethnic group the way that his new bureaucracy is designed to impact Latinos I'm sure that it would have been covered thoroughly and that the Van Jones tear ducts would have been dry.

The Latino community is now at an important turning point. Respectful dissent has proved to be ineffective. Our dependence on the political party apparatus and liberal media pundits is failing us. Now is the time for continued massive grassroots action that is combined with actions to hold "news" outlets accountable. If we don't conduct these combined efforts we will have no one to blame for our own tears but ourselves.


Mario Wire