CYA Time for the GOP

By Mario

Headlines blared all over the country yesterday after forty-five Senate Republicans voted that the upcoming trial of Donald Trump is unconstitutional because the embattled former president is indeed "former."

Trump stands accused of inciting the riot that led to the insurgent actions designed to disrupt and derail the election certification of Joe Biden as President of the United States.

Regardless of how you feel about the guilt or innocence of Donald Trump, I think we could all say that we're very grateful that a vote led by Rand Paul does not decide the constitutionality of any topic.

Many of America's newspapers are speculating that the vote of the "GOP 45" means that Trump will never be convicted, but a closer look at the Senator's motivations can lead us to a different conclusion. It is true that most GOP Senators would never vote to convict a President from their own clubhouse. However, it is also true that a handful of Republican Senators (perhaps even a total of 12?) are motivated to stop the proceedings for an entirely different reason. These Senators realize that while Trump's name is on the impeachment documents, the GOP is the brand standing trial.

The trial itself will be annotated by national multichannel coverage. The pretrial coverage already includes violent video and copies of traitorous text and Facebook messages. The trial coverage will prove even more damming.

Despite their bravado, every GOP Senator and member of Congress is scared. Unlike Trump's previous trial, the upcoming Senate sessions will provide content that both engaging and devastating. In today's multi-platform era, that combination is a potent mix.

The GOP is pretending to be protecting Trump in some instances and posing as constitutional defenders in others. The reality is that it is their selves for whom they are fighting.

The fight, however, will be fruitless, and they may save Trump from conviction. But after four years of suffering a President with clear authoritarian hunger, GOP Senators have found their fingerprints on forks that fed him.


Mario Wire