Democrats and the White Working Class - Don't Believe the Myth

By Mario Solis Marich

The 2016 election cycle proved that the words of Public Enemy's Chuck D. "Minds are the real estate of the 21st century" where not only prophetic but deadly accurate.

As the Democratic party gears up for the 2018 campaigns, the phycological scars of the GOP /Russian attack of 2016 are still readily apparent.

After the historic loss against the most ill-equipped human being to hold the U.S. presidency the Right fed, the media regurgitated, and Democrats eagerly swallowed a trove of half-baked, partisan filtered, reasons for their loss within minutes of the last polls' closing.

Not a single "what happened?" myth is as most easily proven false as the one that claims that Democrats led by Obama had ignored the needs of the white working class in the south and midwest. The legend claims that so much was Obama and the Democratic party involved in "identity politics" that the "real needs and suffering" of white working folks were never seen or addressed. Democratic pundits swallowed the propaganda whole and decried everyone on the center-left ( except themselves) for the alleged crime of neglect.

The impact of Trump's decision this week to cut off health insurance premium subsidies provides us the definitive proof that the Obama led Democrats worked to benefit working people of all races in all States, even to their political detriment.

It is estimated that 70% of the people that will be negatively impacted by Trump's actions to cut off insurance subsidies are from States that voted for the boy King. In fact, more working-class Americans have benefited from "Obamacare" than have any other single demographic group. The loss of health care by these families offers a stark contrast when measured against the claims that Democratic party efforts somehow slipped by the core of America's working class.

Before the Democrat's insistence on Obamacare, which they passed with only one GOP vote, the entire GOP apparatus was happy with millions of own their constituents, most of them white working class people, facing potential bankruptcy or even early death in the event of a personal health crisis. It was the Democrats who took the huge political risk to disrupt the health care status quo and improve the well being of working families, not the GOP.

Over the next 12 months, you will hear pundits say that the Democrats have ignored the needs of white working-class Americans. The claim is baseless. Democrats should not buy into this piece of propaganda that diverts our attention from our party's real deficits and distracts from the legal election tampering that has become an art within the GOP.


Mario Wire