Dreamers Won the Night

By Mario Solis Marich

Dreamers won a tremendous victory last night as Virginia suburbs rejected immigrant bashing and delivered a blow to the GOP.

The American dream lives despite the multi-platform effort by the Bannon-Trump GOP and Paul Ryan should be nervous. It turns out that people are less bothered by young people pursuing their lives than by politicians ignoring mass shootings and rising health care costs. Imagine that! Hope trumps fear in the USA! Who would have thought??

The tiki torches of Bannon's Brooks Brothers khaki white supremacist movement ran out of lighter fluid as their $75k four-wheel trucks could not move voters to the polls as easily as they could move their scattered protesters to unpermitted "free speech" venues.

But the Billionaire funded Millionaire Brietbart - Trump "movement" has even larger headaches as hundreds of local races took on the mantle of the resistance. Not only did Virginia's house of delegates indicate a huge victory for resistors but local seats across the country sent a signal that the tone set by Bannon-Trump and their Paul Ryan led enablers will not be tolerated. Local Democratic victories in Arapahoe County in Colorado and in North Carolina indicated that the resistance is as deep and as sprawling as the suburbs themselves.

Over the course of the last year the multi-platform mix of Trump boot licking radio, Fox "News', and hate bloggers have spewed immigrant hate and the fear of America's basic principles and were handed a lesson last night.

It turns out that the American dream is not easily cowed, young immigrants not easily frightened, and most Americans not permanently fooled.


Mario Wire