GOP Hails McCain As They Work to Remove Healthcare

By Mario Solis Marich


The GOP lined up to shed tears for Sen. McCain while searching for a way to remove healthcare from millions.

Never has the elitism of the GOP been on as stark display as it has been over the last few hours. The GOP has begun to shed tears and offer get well wishes to their colleague Sen. John McCain who is currently receiving world class healthcare at the Mayo Clinic for brain cancer.

How many Americans are facing a health crisis today that have no healthcare coverage or coverage that Trump's GOP Senatorial lunch mates are skipping summer recess to take away?

How many parents with children born with "pre-existing conditions " worry each hour about their future?

Those Americans are not famous and they do their jobs without demanding reverence. They suffer in silence and today must be amazed at what has become a ruling class so far removed from the real day to day worries faced by their subjects that they are insulated from their own tumorous shame.

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