Latino Firms Forget Politics, Seek Prosperity Building Trump's Wall

By Andrea Hernandez


A lot of Hispanic companies: interested in constructing the wall

More than 60 Hispanic companies, all interested in constructing the controversial wall that US President Donald Trump wants to build on the Mexican border, are putting aside political and patriotic concerns for the chance to make money and create jobs.
"Honestly, for us it is above all an infrastructure project and a way to create jobs, something we really need in New Mexico," Mario Burgos of the Burgos Group construction company told EFE, adding that his state has an unemployment rate of 6.7 percent, the country's highest.
Of Peruvian descent, Burgos said that if the family business takes part in a project that can award contracts worth $20 billion, that's not being anti-immigrant, it's just being practical.
Amadeo Saenz of the Texas firm J.D. Adams was of the same opinion. He said that though for the past eight years the company has been a cooperative owned by the employees, most of them Hispanic, when they decided to take part they didn't think about the "political aspects, just the economic ones."

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