Latinos Feel The Sting Of Trump's Presidency

By Andrea Hernandez


Before Latino people worried much about Donald Trump

Five years ago, before Latino people worried much about Donald Trump, Oscar Saldivar stood in my living room in Los Angeles and told me a story. He began to weep.
Saldivar is a building contractor and a Mexican immigrant. I had hired his construction company to add a room to my home. We’re both fluent Spanish speakers with roots in Latin America, and we were chatting in that language about his life and mine. He told me he had recently visited a hardware store in the San Fernando Valley where immigrant day laborers seek work, and had come upon a group of right-wing activists protesting their presence. He took personal offense at hearing these “idiotas” call his immigrant brothers and sisters “criminals.” So he took a big wad of cash from his wallet and showed it to them. “I was an illegal,” he told the protesters. “And now I make more money than any of you.”

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