Latinos Must Fight the Media

By Mario Solis Marich


This weekend Trump Twittered to deflect attention from his Russian spymaster ties. While the Trump Twitter deflection created a loud media reaction the terror of his brutal immigration policies quietly swept fear through Latino communities across the United States. The alt-right dream of an immigrant purge is becoming a reality while the media is confounded by the question of why Trump Tweets.

Trumps alt-right white nationalist ties begin to surface during the campaign. The mainstream media only seriously approached the topic of American political racism after Hillary Clinton made a national speech on the subject. However the media's analysis of Hillary's alt-right speech was not a deep dive into the threat of american race based fascism but on how the topic would affect her poll numbers. Even now the mainstream media is still reluctant to report the impact of having an alt-right favored Administration in power. Recent anti-semitic attacks on Jewish cemeteries and the bombing of mosques are being reported as some type of independent phenomenon whose timing is merely coincidental to the only Administration in recent history that has gained approval from white nationalist hate groups.

While the lack of even a mention of the centrality of Jews as Hitlers targets on National Holocaust Day was clearly in affront to all people concerned with humanity it is only a clue about the perspective of the Trump policy team. The real policies being enacted and planned against immigrant communities is the actual indication that white identity politics has a secure advisory seat in the oval office.

The policy currently being contemplated by the Justice Department of ripping children from their mothers arms at border crossings is not just an indication of fascist tendencies. If enacted the family separation policy would be an actual crime against humanity. While a few media outlets have certainly mentioned the consideration of separating immigrant families there is yet to be one single news outlet that has delivered the consistent drum beat necessary to bring attention to the horrendous proposed policy.

Latino leaders and their supporters can now be clear that the mainstream media will not do it's job in covering the anti-Latino police state that is being created in the bowels of the Justice Department unless pressured to do so. The time for aggressive independent action against mainstream media outlets by national and local Latino groups is now.

Unlike previous periods of distress Latinos now have access to the financial, legal, and political resources to demand better media coverage and even create our own platforms if necessary. The Latino community also has allies that understand the imminent danger that the current Administration poses to groups who are the traditional scapegoats of authoritarians.

Media is power and power is only real when exercised and unfortunately history has provided the opportunity for Latinos to flex their muscle.


Mario Wire