Meghan McCain Says She Cares

By Mario

Meghan McCain tweeted that she was "cared" about the bashing that conservatives administered to her deceased father and war hero Sen. John McCain.

The scorching rhetoric and obligatory cheering by conservatives attending the CPAC conference was just the latest manifestation of the right's disdain for anyone or anything that questions their dear leader Donald Trump.

McCain's cares about the outlandish, distasteful, and scary admonishment her father is as weak as her concern for her support for a party that has birthed and cradled outright hate to anything not resembling their image of a country that never existed beyond the confines of Mayberry RFD and whatever town Leave It to Beaver was set in.

But to many of us, the hate of the GOP is not new or limited to ghoulish chanting.

During the '80s, 90's and early 2000's many of us suffered as we buried our dead while the GOP found that the AIDS crises was an opportunity to scare their base and raise political funds and not a public health emergency to be addressed.

Many of us still suffer while we are fired for jobs and suffer discrimination not because of how we work but because who we love while the GOP fear monger about traditional marriage many while keeping their D.C. mistresses in plain view.

Many Americans suffered while health care for their families became unaffordable and the GOP funded, developed, and parroted false talking points that don't offer a solution but whose intent is to preserve the dangerous status quo.

Many parents are suffering as their memories echo with the haunting cries of the children that they have been separated from in their quest for safety and freedom.

The list could go on and on and on.

I understand that ghoulishness of the GOP on full display this last weekend had to have been painful and enraging to Meghan McCain However I am not surprised by it and by now neither should she be. I know the dark side of conservatism and understand how that dangerous side has been deliberately nourished by the infrastructure of the GOP. What I can't understand is how Ms. McCain can continue to support a party that has hurt far more than just her father's memory. A party that has been catering to the worst instincts within us and that now openly celebrates its lack of compassion.


Mario Wire