New Horizons In Education: Looking Beyond The US And The UK

By Andrea Hernandez


Trump’s evolving policies and Britain’s exit from the EU.

In a time of confusion over US President Donald Trump’s evolving policies and Britain’s exit from the European Union, students are looking for alternatives, as we discussed in HT Education a few weeks ago. But most of those alternatives are from the same predictable pool — Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.
“The fact that cities such as Daejeon [South Korea], Cape Town [Africa] and Utrecht have universities in the Top 100 shows how much choice it is available to internationally mobile students,” says Phil Baty, world university ranking editor at THE. “Yes, the rankings are dominated by the US and UK, but there are countries in Asia and mainland Europe on the list too.” These include Sweden, Japan, Belgium, Germany, South Korea, Finland, Switzerland. Also among the top 150 universities on the list are the University of Hong Kong (at #43), Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in South Korea (#89) and University of Cape Town in South Africa (#148).

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