Note to Media: Quit Marginalizing Latino Voices

By Mario Solis Marich

Dear mainstream media: If anyone had written two years ago that Trump was going to forcibly separate children from their parents while they were presenting themselves for legal asylum you would have called that writer a "Democrat from the far left of the party". But they would have been accurate.

If someone had told you two years ago that Trump was going to make the child separation order without planning and because of that ICE would not be able to know which child belonged to which parent you would have said they were speaking from the "conspiratorial left".

If someone had said that ICE would soon be telling detainees that they did not have to listen to the courts because they only needed to please Trump, you would have laughed at them. Yet, all of these things have come to pass. In fact, many of us have warned you of the dangers of the "deportation force" over the last two years, and our arguments were marginalized or completely ignored.

We told you that the real goal of the nativist leaders was to end of the immigration of brown people into this country. When on the rare occasion we were given interviews and airtime we were made to argue this point with people that have links to activists and organizations with ties to white supremacy who would say that they were only against "legal immigration". This week we have seen Latino immigrants who were serving our country and who were promised that their service was a legal path to citizenship discharged from the armed forces.

Have we earned our credibility yet?

Now many of us are speaking out and letting you know that ICE is an agency that is out of control that must be repealed and replaced and you still marginalize the truth and its tellers.

The world of political commentary is almost wholly devoid of non-conservative Latino voices, and our country is paying the price for your decisive lack of inclusion. Our point of view, which we base on our rational analysis from the ground if ever heard is marginalized as "hard left". Based on the record: if our analysis is "hard left" then opinion leaders from the "hard left" have a better and more accurate record than of that of the left, the right, or the center. It should go without saying that to date the claims from pro-immigrant activists have been more honest and many times more accurate than the Trump supporting pundits you have hired and continue to enable.

ICE must be repealed and replaced. Before continuing your attempt to pigeonhole the claims against ICE send some real reporters into the field to investigate the facts about the agency's track record and ties. You can begin by asking Latina/o leaders on the ground for leads and for once taking them seriously.


Mario Wire