Political Bullets: Fine Tuned Machine Edition

By Mario Solis Marich


Trump has claimed that his admin is running like a “fine tuned machine”.

Based on Trumps mechanical reference I'm sure his dad was relieved that his heir went into the hospitality arena and not engineering. Here are some examples of other fine-tuned machines:

Cuckoo Clock: It is safe to say the new Secretary of Education is off to a rocky start. Billionaire heiress Betsy DeVos is finding that selling school vouchers is harder than pushing the Amway plan that pyramided her family to wealth. But to make matters worse the Sec of Ed has distributed third grade level reading press releases with typos and referred to African Americans suffering from segregation as pioneers in school choice.... can somebody check the springs and coils on this one?

Titanic: Trump can’t seem to find anybody that will take the job of Secretary of the Navy, lost a top notch NSA candidate, and has over 2000 appointments for which he can’t find enough applicants. Trump has turned to Twitter to blame Democrats for his lack of success in filling jobs.... can somebody point out that the lifeboats fleeing his ship are the only things that are filling at this time?

Edsel: The ideas of “fiscal conservatives” are just not sellable models these days. A majority of the country is demanding the power of government to intervene in the domestic and international marketplace and the GOP nominated and elected a President that has promised paid family leave and massive infrastructure spending. Apparently it is time to get Grover Norquist off the showroom floor.

The Wheel: Simplicity is the best design. The success of a simple approach has been proven once again by traditional journalists who don't receive the glare of the cable TV spotlight but keep their sources fresh and continue the drip, drip, drip of the truth. Once the old wheel gadget gets rolling it is hard to stop.


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