Solorio Branded "Latino Trump"

By Mario Solis Marich


Plan to revive the city's jail contract with Immigration

SanTana councilman Jose Solorio's plan to revive the city's jail contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) last night ended with him being branded "Latino Trump" in defeat. The federal agency abruptly decided to pull out of the longstanding Intergovernmental Service Agreement on February 23, citing previous council action to reduce the maximum number of detainees down from 200 to 128. But Solorio just couldn't let it go.

"We direct staff to negotiate and execute a contract with ICE consistent with the terms of 2006 contract," Solorio said in making a motion during last night's city council meeting. He also wanted meetings with Service Employees International Union Local 721 and the Santa Ana Police Officers Associations to negotiate staffing at the city jail. Only SEIU Local 721 President Mike Lopez backed Solorio's call.

"We support the philosophy of the sanctuary city," Lopez noted. "It is the mayor and city council's responsibility to stand up for all its first making the vigorous attempt to continue the federal contract and avoid another loss of revenue that may translate to more loss of services to our community."

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