Talking Pts: Atmospheric River Edition

By Mario


2021 continues to impress as the West Coast is battered by what meteorologists are referring to as an "Atmospheric River" pounds California and creates a cold front that reaches the Northeast.

Apparently, mother nature doesn't want to be left out of all the human born developments of the first month of this new year.

So here we go to a revival of my weekly talking points with the "Atmospheric River Edition":

River Wash Outs

While the rest of us are huddled safely indoors by our fires or turning up our heaters, mainline old fashioned conservatives are out in the cold. After decades of allowing veiled racism and homophobia to fuel the GOP voter outreach efforts, establishment Republicans find themselves thrown on the banks of hatred's mighty river.

GOP establishment types had planned to return to influence triumphantly after Trump's fall, but they find themselves at the upper end of the sidelines of power's waterways without paddles or even a boat.

Snow Blind

If Joe is slow, it certainly doesn't show. President Biden had been given the nickname slow Joe by the twice impeached, single term, former President Trump.

Biden, of course, took it with class. Now the new POTUS has responded with action by signing a snow front of executive orders, which undo most of Trump's mean and divisive missives.

Suddenly the GOP finds itself hating executive orders as they are blinded by the rapid speed of the Biden blizzard.

Chilling Temperatures

After years of carrying Trump's water Mitch McConnell finds himself out in the cold. The former Senate Majority Leader finds himself without a majority, without a platform, and without any invitations to Mara-Lago.

Christmas may have passed, and New Year's Eve may have been celebrated, but it wasn't until this week that McConnell understood the words "Baby It's Cold Outside."


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