Talking Pts: Super Bowl Edition!

By Mario
It's Super Bowl time! I'm not talking about the spectacular sports event that's happening this Sunday. This week we saw the U.S. government run major plays, score massive points, and make incredible fumbles. So crack open a beer, grab a plate of nachos, and review this week's political athletics.
  • Kick-Off: Beyond the Quarterback Sneak and the Hail Mary Pass, the most famous football play ever created, was deployed by Lucy from the comic strip Peanuts. The passive-aggressive little brunette was famous for continually moving the ball as soon as Charlie Brown was getting ready to kick. The GOP had perfected this play over the last decade as they've learned to not only pull the ball when Democrats were ready to punt but if necessary, move the goalposts. This week President Biden refused to fall for the antics. When GOP senators called for "bipartisanship" and presented an extremely pared-down recovery bill - with a promise for even more talks, Biden outran their play and went for the covid-19 relief touchdown. Turns out that Joe ain't so slow.

  • Halftime Show: While serious policy huddles were happening on Pennsylvania Avenue, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene presented the Halftime entertainment. Greene, an outspoken Q-Anon supporter, played the part of a victim for her right-wing followers. The show was so entertaining to the Q cultists that Congresswoman Greene even bragged that being called out for stalking shooting survivors, posting anti-semitic tropes, and praising traitors brought her fame and fortune. Congressional Democrats gave her performance bad reviews. To their point: does anybody really remember the big game's performance by Elvis Presto?

  • Big Fumble: GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy was given the opportunity to become this week's game hero. All McCarthy had to do to be most valuable was chastise and demote an avid, raving, mean spirited conspiracy theorist. Apparently, the game's pressure was too great for the Republican Congressman who dropped the ball and gave Democrats this week's turn big around play.


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