The Ending of 84 Lumber Pro-Immigration Ad Was Deemed Too Controversial For The Super Bowl

By Mario Solis Marich


90-second spot that depicted a Mexican mother-daughter

Who would’ve thought the Super Bowl‘s most effective commercial would be for a lumber company?
84 Lumber’s contribution to Commercial Bowl LI was a 90-second spot that depicted a Mexican mother-daughter duo setting off on the perilous journey across the border to the United States. The ad ends with a statement billing its original cut as “too controversial for TV” and directed viewers to a dedicated web site for the full version. However, the company was evidently unprepared for the deluge of traffic that comes with airing a controversial ad during the largest televised event of the year, and the site crashed.
84 Lumber mentioned last month that the first cut of their ad was rejected by Fox for being “too political.” It — spoiler alert — depicted a massive wall blocking the mother and daughter’s access to the U.S., before they journey on and find a set of doors allowing them entry. The tagline for the ad: “The will to succeed is always welcome here.”

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