The Politics And Economics Behind The Most Controversial Super Bowl Ad

By Mario Solis Marich


Thing about the controversial Super Bowl TV advertisement

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the controversial Super Bowl TV advertisement that showed an immigrant family encountering a border wall is that the company behind it denies it was about immigration at all.
But that company, 84 Lumber, and its customers have a strong interest in how the new Trump administration and Congress address immigration.
Fox rejected the original commercial, according to Brunner, the agency that developed the spot. The company and its agency provided a new version that didn’t show the family reaching the border, and invited viewers to the company’s website to “see the conclusion.”
The version available on shows construction workers building a door, and the mother and daughter ultimately discovering the door at the border and walking through it. The site noted the video “Contains Content Deemed Too Controversial for TV.”
In the first minute after the spot aired, 300,000 people tried to access the website, which rendered it temporarily unavailable for many visitors, the company said.
84 Lumber provides building materials to developers, but also farms out subcontractors, who do construction work for those home builders.

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