The Price of Democracy - Where Are Our Military Leaders?

By Mario

While the unemployed working class and middle class bravely face local police and imported unregulated militias in the streets to defend the right of life and liberty of Black and Brown men, wealthy and powerful military leaders only whisper about Trump.

The blockbuster story by the magazine "The Atlantic" that describes Trump's disdain for military heroes and rank and file service members has created a stark comparison for anybody with the guts to stomach the truth. While we watch daily videos of people with limited resources risk life and liberty in the series of protests that have overtaken our country, the more powerful seem scared even to raise their voice against a Commander-in-Chief.

The image of military leaders exchanging information in poorly lit parking lots ala Deep Throat while twenty-somethings go face to face with armed police as they dodge projectiles from Trump supporters is all we need to know about the current state of our democracy.

We deserve clarity from any military leader that can confirm the Atlantic story, and we needed it last night. Yes, those or that leader will be the victim of the verbal projectiles from the right-wing media elite. Yes, that or those leaders will be rhetorically maced from right-wing bloggers. Yes, that or those leaders will face the pink slip bullet from their ultimate commander and probably an additional seven career crippling bureaucratic shots in their backs. But what is the price for democracy? It is doubtful that any military leader does not completely know the answer to that. Still, in the highly unlikely event that they need a refresher, they should ask a peaceful protestor.


Mario Wire