The Threat at the Table

By Mario Solis Marich


Three weeks ago we saw thousands of families being kept apart in the name of national security. Over the last week we watched hundreds of families being torn apart in the name of national security. Last night we found out that a tremendous threat to national security was not standing for hours in airport lines or kneeling while picking in agricultural fields but comfortably sitting across the table from the President United States in the White House.

One would hope that by now the American people would have learned that when Donald Trump tells you to look to the right you should be looking at him dead center. Important questions remain of what the President know and when did he know. As these questions are resolved we should all take into account that the distractions that this White House is employing in order to appear to be keeping his campaign promises are destructive and harmful to a whole groups of people that only have one thing in common they represent “ the other”.

This observation is not some liberal paranoid fear or grousing because Democrats lost the election it is an objective look at the last 20 days. The fundamental question that Americans have to ask right now is how much damage are we willing to allow the President to do two real working families, to the huddled masses yearning to be free, to our national integrity, to the soul of what it is to be American, before we make the congress act.

The threats to national security are not the phantom fraud voters, or non-existent masses of mythically conjured immigrant murderers and rapists, or the victims of Isis that somehow transform into terrorists the second they hit our shores. The current threat to national security is an administration that does not have the ability to distinguish fact from fiction, a Presidency that does not know how to lead the intelligence community, and a group of national advisers that have opaque relationships with one of our most aggressive international enemies.

We are called to act as Americans in two ways: first to defend the families that are bearing the brunt of the chaos that is being emitted from Washington DC and second to demand that our representatives in the US Congress use every tool at their disposal in order to bring the administration into the reality of our republic, the courage of our ideals and the demands of our constitution.


Mario Wire