Time for Ellis to Provide Some Evidence

By Mario Solis Marich


OMG I know I will be harassed for suggesting this but it’s time that Kimberly Ellis provide proof or even a little bit of evidence that somehow 63 or more people that voted in the Democratic State Party election did so fraudulently. At this point even evidence of one instance of fraud elludes her.

Ellis claims that she was cheated in the recently held election for California Democratic State Party Chair. Ellis released a six page memo which is basically a narrative of her activities and the Party's response since she made her claims but falls short of providing any documentation of actual voter fraud. The only provable disqualifying events in the entire six page document seem to be two incidents of delegates from Merced County that Ellis alleges were not on the public voter roles as Democrats at the time they voted for chair and a claim that a delegate was holding two proxies. However even those claims, which would by themselves fail to turn the election outcome, as of this writing have no evidence or proof attached to them. No names, no documentation, nada. In fact the claim regarding the double proxie holder has been clarified and should be put to rest. Apparently the proxie was signed by the holder as a religious accommodation for Fritz Friedman who is an orthodox Jew who could not write on the Sabbath. Mr. Friedman has clarified the issue on his Facebook page.

People have told me to keep quiet because I will be viciously attacked for even suggesting that us rank and file Democrats deserve a modicum of evidence of the Ellis big claim. But at this point I am watching a broadside and potentially lethal attack on the Party that as a gay Latino I have depended on for decades to defend me and my family from the national conservative onslaught. So Ms. Ellis before you kill the Party can you please provide some evidence or better yet some actual proof of any of the 63 alleged instances of voter fraud?

Yes the party is not perfect but neither am I and I was taught that life is complicated and politics is it’s magnification. While imperfect the CA Democratic Party has turned this State from red to blue and if it is to be destroyed to be rebuilt I think we the outside of Sacramento non party delegate Democrats deserve that the attack to be fact based. Remember you can’t rebuild it without us.

As progressives we often criticize the Trump administration for making wild accusations about their opponents and never providing facts. I for one am willing to hold our leaders from the Center Left and Left to the same standard that we hold for the Right. If our movement champions facts over big claims then we need to hold our own leaders to that standard. The accusations that Kimberly Ellis is making are serious and therefore we deserve some , even a little, evidence. There have been ample claims and enough time to provide us in the rafters something substantial to consider. We cannot allow big claims without evidence to capture and burden our party the way they have the GOP.



Mario Wire