US Finds Texas Guilty of Anti-Latino Racist Gerrymandering

By Andrea Hernandez


The borders of the 35th congressional district are racist

The borders of the 35th congressional district are racist against Latinos, according to the ruling.
"Republicans in Texas have ensured that the dark days of discrimination in Texas continue to loom."
Texas lawmakers drew up three U.S. congressional districts to undermine the influence of Latino voters, a divided panel of three federal judges ruled, in the latest development in a years-long battle over gerrymandering.
In the decision announced late on Friday, U.S. District Judges Xavier Rodriguez and Orlando Garcia in San Antonio found that the districts' shapes diluted minority voters' power, either by splitting communities into different districts or concentrating minorities in a single area to limit their sway.
"When done to minimize Hispanic electoral opportunity, it bears the mark of intentional discrimination," wrote Rodriguez and Garcia, who were appointed by former Republican President George W. Bush and former Democratic President Bill Clinton, respectively.

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