Warning: G.P. Bush is a Catfish

By Mario

The assertion by George Prescott Bush that he is against racism followed quickly by his statement that he will vote for Donald Trump's reelection is proof of the privileged political Prince is simply a social media catfish. While his political assets are overwhelming, they need to be at least twice the usual considering the number of profiles that Prescott possesses.

George Prescott Bush, who currently serves as Texas Land Commissioner, was once seen as the individual that would deliver the growing Latino voter base to the GOP due only to his partially Hispanic heritage. As the heir of immense political capital and substantial financial wealth, Prescott made his political debut at the age of twelve. The princely 6th grader met politics, not at an elementary school debate class or by donating his lemonade stand's income to help a worthy cause but at nothing less than the 1988 National GOP convention that nominated his grandfather.

The idea behind those grooming the privileged Prescott for his ascension is to increase Latino GOP voters and brown-wash the party for conscious laden white voters. The problem with Prescott's rise is that it has created a problematic public record that is socially schizophrenic.

One of Prescott's profiles is that of an empowered young half Latino making his mark in the business world. The other face is that of a cynical political hack that is willing to tolerate anti-Latino racism in order to feed his political hunger. The problem for Prescott is that he has come to age during the advent of the worldwide web. In the past, his duality may have worked, but in a digital age in which most Latinos have a smartphone and social media accounts, George Prescott Bush's catfishing is quickly recognized.

Consider that as Texas Land Commissioner Prescott has been in a key position to thwart Trump's border wall. The border wall is unpopular in Texas, and Prescott could have fought it easily, yet he has not. Texas landowners fighting the wall based on immanent domain issues, a once-popular conservative idea, would have given the Bush heir plenty of political cover. If Prescott had resisted Trump's wall, he would have garnered support from centrist Latino/a's who are currently vastly independent from either party. But the real Prescott overrode his phony public profile and turned a blind eye to the wall's imposition.

Prescott's now public assertion that he is against racism while he champions the divider-in-chief is just the latest clash of his universes. The vast majority of Latina/o voters had recognized Trump's racist tendencies before he was elected. The events since George Floyd's murder have activated Latino/a's in unprecedented ways. The idea that a politically privileged millionaire can catfish Latino/a's into a political date is a fantasy. Prescott finds himself on the wrong side of history, and his phony profiles are now exposed. Latina/o voters will not be fooled.


Mario Wire